Stone Exteriors
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Bali stone water fountain
Globe fountain
base 100x100x30 cm
fountain 100x100x100 cm


Bali stone water fountain
Globe fountain
base 80x80x30 cm
fountain 80x80x80 cm


Bali stone water fountain
Buddha flat
base 70x50x25 cm
fountain 60x20x90 cm


Bali stone water fountain
abstract face
base 60x60x25 cm
fountain 55x30x60 cm


Bali stone water fountain
buddha mini
base and fountain 40x40x35 cm


Bali stone water fountain
flat zigzag
base 90x60x30 cm
fountain 65x180x30 cm


Bali stone water fountain
buddha head
base 110x110x30 cm
fountain 100x85x120 cm


Bali stone water fountain
buddha standing wall
base 75x60x30 cm
fountain 60x40x190 cm


Bali stone water fountain
buddha face
base 130x60x30 cm
fountain 110x35x120 cm


Post latter box
stone box latter
size 35x35x90 cm


Post latter box
stone box latter
size 45x45x100 cm


Garden decor
Cannon stone
stan 40x45x60 cm
meriam 40x30x100 cm


Bali stone water fountain
Step 3 fountain
base 80x120x25 cm
fountain 80x90x95 cm


Bali stone water fountain
Yin Yang round
base 100x70x25 cm
fountain 80x40x125 cm


Bali stone water fountain
Buddha face
base 140x70x30 cm
fountain 120x30x180 cm


Bali stone water fountain
Tree leaf carving
base 80x50x30 cm
fountain 60x30x150 cm


Bali stone water fountain
Vase tingi
base 100x100x30 cm
fountain 100x100x130 cm


Bali stone water fountain
Fountain step set
base 100x100x30 cm
fountain 110x80x30 cm / size tree


Bali stone water fountain
Dewi sri standing water fall
base 65x80x25 cm
fountain 50x30x150 cm


Bali stone water fountain
Buddha water fall
base 75x80x25 cm
fountain 60x35x180 cm


Bali stone water fountain
water fountain tree
base 100x100x30 cm
fountain 65x65x180 cm


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