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Shipping Information

You want to understand more about how to order a mix of products that utilizes cargo space more effectively; more about cargo rates and how they work; more about how containers and LCL orders; more about cost effective air cargo; and more about how and where to buy appropriate insurance for your order; and finally, how to handle your order once it reaches your port or your airport......then you are just one the right place to find out!


Usually our clients ship with 20ft. or 40ft. container with  orders worth approximately US$ 5,000.00 to US$ 10,000.00 and US$ 12,000.00 to US$ 20,000.00 respectively -- sometimes even  smaller for orders worth US$ 2,000.00 to US$ 5,000.00. 

Our clients understand that there are great savings in freight costs if they using container to ship, while there are still some clients who repeatedly order by LCL (less than a container load). We want to make our clients aware, that they can waste lots of money by shipping their merchandise due lack of information or lack of sufficient funds to order larger quantities. 


5 ways to ship your cargo from here to you

1. 20ft. Container (30 cubic meters) 
2. 40ft. Container (60 cubic meters) 
3. 40ft. High Cube Container (72 cubic meters)         
4. LCL Sea Cargo (less than a container - charged per cubic meter) 
5. Air Cargo 


LCL & Full Containers 

is basically the most expensive way to ship your merchandise from here to your place. Cargo companies are not very happy to deal with loose crates and charge for this pleasure a fortune.

After your merchandise is properly packed and official government documentation is completed the shipment then is gonna be trucked to the port of Surabaya, East Java (which is the closest international shipping port to Bali.)  In case your LCL shipment is just a few wooden crates and doesn't fill a container, then it must wait at the port while the cargo company "consolidates" your order with other small orders going in the same direction. (Specifically, that means your crates are on hold while the shipping company waits for enough orders to combine with yours and fill a container. The usual waiting time is 2 to 4 weeks.

On top of this LCL is much more expensive per cubic meter than a container!

Another major disadvantage is : in a sealed 20' or 40' container, you get the full use of the cubic meters inside that container -- with LCL wooden crates you lose about 25% of the useable space due to the wood crate and lack of flexibility when packing large products, means you're actually paying 25% more for lost space.

Last but not least transit time is usually double that of a sealed container -- for example, a container to the US west coast takes about 30 days, while an LCL order to the same place more likely will take up to 45 to 60 days. 


To think about this, here an example: 

Ship to Seattle, CA, USA

LCL - US$ 162.00 per cubic meter -- so if you shipped 10 cubic meters (maybe $2,000.00 of products), you would pay about US$ 1,620.00. 

A 20ft. container (30 cubic meters including all the related trucking, handling, documentation & miscellaneous charges) to the Seattle port is $3,200.60 (or about $106.80 per cubic meter). Compared to 30 cubic meters via LCL ($4,860.00), that's a savings of about $1,660.00 -- about 30% less. 

Generally we can say, as larger the container as higher your savings. Count for yourself.


Another advantage of using container is that we not have to use wooden crates which needs more space and are higher charged than cardboard boxes which we usually use to pack  any goods. Fragile goods are of course better of in wooden crates.

Shipping by container means also are better schedule for your merchandise. We can pre-plan with the Cargo company on which ship the container will be on. Practically no chance for delays. Containers going to the US get there in 30 days or less; to Europe it needs usually 3 to 4  weeks. Our advise, plan your order as good as possible and you will get the best deal for your money. By any means, a half filled container is cheaper than shipping by LCL.


Air Cargo

Still the fastest way to ship, but also the most expensive one.

Most clients  believe that air cargo is charged by the kilogram, but it not goes that way.  Airlines, in fact, do charge by the kilo, but in addition, also by volume, whichever happens to be greatest.  A standard carton box is 50 x 58 x 33 cm (20 x 23 x 13 inches). According to the airlines calculation , that carton's volume is equal to about 15 kilos (33 pounds). If there is less than 15 kilos of product in that carton box, then you still will pay for 15 kilos. If there is more than 15 kilos, you pay the greater amount. 

Let's say the air cargo rate for you is about $3.00 per kilo which means that carton costs you in cargo expense at least $45.00. In some cases you will have paid more for the cargo than you paid us for the merchandise. 


In general we say that small products with high retail value work fine to ship by air. And in most cases it is always time which matters for our clients. Receive your goods in 5 days in Seattle, CA, USA instead of 30 days by container or worse…


Cargo Rates

If you want us to take care about your shipment, we will. We have all the necessary connections here to reliable Shipping companies and it is our Service to get the best available Rates for requested destination. After receiving your query for an order we will check for Cargo Rates with different shipping companies and forward you only the best deal we can get. You always can check for yourself to get even better Rates if you intend to do so. for more information e-mail a Putu en here



Insurance for your shipment can be purchased in Indonesia from the cargo company, but you can check with your  local insurance agent where you usually buy your insurance's, like for your house or car. 


Generally, when we receive an order, we will estimate costs for the shipment, which is not always very easy because the weight of handicrafts of the same sort always may vary in the same way as the look. We talking about handicrafts and that's the nature of this category. 

Sometimes we also advise to up- or downgrade the volume of your order to get the best deal for your shipment.


Hopefully all this gives you a better spectrum for your decision making. Our Team is always working hard to improve the way to work efficient and cost-effective for our clients. 

So, why you do not give it a try!

Danny S

Shopping agents




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Vision Bali shopping online provides information about handicraft and hotels including tours in Bali for your great holiday and business