We have a number of existing models in the galleries below or please send us a plan for a quotation if you require a custom made model

We manufacture the finest Bali wood works: Bungalows, Gazebos, Bales, Wooden Houses and furniture
We will make the design based on your requirements using natural coconut wood material. The Natural Beauty of Coconut Palm Wood
Our products use coconut wood because of its strength. Coconut would can stand for 20 – 30 years, is simply maintained, and insect resistant. The coconut palm is mainly planted for the use of its nuts. When past the most productive age, the coconut wood palm becomes particularly suitable for woodcarving. Thus maintaining a positive eco-environment.

VisionBali Gazebo focuses on manufacturing Balinese Gazebo and wooden fabricated traditional houses due to the growing demand on high quality wooden products.

Our products such as Balinese Gazebos, wooden houses, bungalows, umbrellas, and rice barn have been exported to many countries. We use special materials for our products like bengkirai and coconut woods. We guarantee that our products have the margin value because we use the best and oven dry woods.

It is very easy to install wooden fabricated traditional houses. By using thatched roof, you will have natural beauty reflecting the real Balinese compounds. We can also produce products based on customers' own design.

We thank you for your interest in our products and we look forward to welcoming you as our new customer.

Product Specifications:
Material used:
Coconut post round ( diam.20-24cm) for pillars
Beam and roof using bengkirai wood
Thatched roof and wooden roof available
Anti termites treatment for all wood
Anti scretch and water resistance finishing
Term of Production:
For 1 Gazebo.., between 1 until 2 weeks
For 1 Bungalow.., between 2 until 3 weeks
For 1 House.., between 1.5 until 2 month
-depending on size,
material availability and on your specifications.
We serve clients all over the world.
Our main markets are currently:
Australia, Brazil, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asian countries, USA, New Caledonia, France and New Zealand.
Our clients are mostly Real Estate Developers, Hotels and private house owners.

Our artistic & fancy products such as the famous "Bale Bali" are known and used world wide.

Product Samples:

how to build


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