. In container
House No. 1 Size : 2 x 2 mtr
Contain : 15 pieces box , from box No. Code: H1/1, H1/2, H1/3 till end box No. code H1/15

How to build:
a Preparacion
1. please find all box code:
Sample: house No. 1 has 15 pieces of box code H1/1, H1/2, H1/3 ,..., ... till box No. code H1/15
You have to find all those box code H1/1, ... , ... to box code H1/15.

2. Please find the 4 pole (the most bigest wooden size) see bellow photo c

3. Please find the 4 botoom lock long wood see bellow photo a

4. Please find the 4 top lock long wood see bellow photo d

5. Please find the 4 roof holder on top lock long wood see bellow photo e

6. followed as on nect step necesary.

b. to build
1. If you want to stuck on the ground, you have to make sure the hight from ground / floor of pole you use to have, so easier for you to make the deep of the hole on ground.

2. If you want to stand on floor (not need to stuck on ground) so you have to cut the pole as on your size necesary.

3. To measure the wide from one pole to other pole you have to measure from inside of botoom lock long wood see photo on alphabet a the measure wide as alphabet b.

4. Take and stand up on ground as necesary to build 4 pole, then lock it by botoom lock long wood parth a and followed by top lock long wood d. So bulding already stand up and ready to prepare the roof on (make sure the same /met with sticker code as every conection has sign / code)

5. Next followed by to put roof holder on top lock long wood e.

6. Next followed by to find midle short square wood (the most small pieces on packing box ) as on photo alphabet f

7. followed by to take 4 small long Iga-iga wood (long tiny wood 4 pcs in box ) for conner holder of roof and the small end put on top nail with midle short square wood as on alphabet f (make sure the same /met with sticker code every conection has sign / code)

8. after above step done and nail its all (make sure all strong joining by gluing and nailling) followed by next step to put the roof as on pieces sticker code. Also small long tiding roof for cover every conner, if you need more thatching to cover the conner or on joinning thatching roof you can find in there, we already add extra thatching.

9. fin / end you have to paint some parth the cractching color (color we already prepare in box, look in container).
hope no have any dificulities to build / joinning those gazebo.

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