Buying Agent
We have numerous inquiries from people who have been to Indonesia and shipped back containers of products to sell from warehouses or at markets and fairs. If you are interested, we can accommodate your orders for items not shown in our catalog, especially for Balinese handicrafts. If you'd like us to act as your buying agents here, we can probably get better prices and quality than you have been able to find by yourself. In any case, we'll be happy to arrange shipments from manufacturers you already using. You'll find that there won't be a big price difference, after you include your savings on transportation, lodging and hassle. We can also consider packing in your own brands / private labeling needs.
Shipping Information
You want to understand more about how to order a mix of products that utilizes cargo space more effectively; more about cargo rates and how they work; more about how containers and LCL orders; more about cost effective air cargo; and more about how and where to buy appropriate insurance for your order; and finally, how to handle your order once it reaches your port or your airport then you are just one in the right place to find out! Shipping charges are added to the invoice. We don't make money from shipping, we only charge you the actual shipping cost.
New Items & Custom Order
We regularly add new lines to our catalog and expand the items available in current lines. We can produce custom orders to suit our clients needs and are also able to develop new products and designs with our up-to-date technical equipment.
Our products are limited, please order NOW, Should you have any question, inquiries, or suggestion,
Please send email to:
Price List
Please E-mail us complite with the code of the item and the quantities you want, so I will reply with the price as per item you want
For detail of our Balinese handicraft, please see our catalog as on each link below !