Sunset Ketchak at Uluwatu Temple


This is a good tourism product: sunset + traditional dance + old temple. All give an unique blend of performance. In peak season, the performance is everyday, starting from 17.00 pm until 19.00 pm. However, in low tourist session, the performance is only once a week, mostly at every Friday. To get in, you have to enter the Uluwatu temple complex, To see the performance, on our packages Uluwatu sunset tours included Ketcak show and dinner in in Jimbaran (fress sea food)

It's a classic love story of Rama and Shinta.You can find similar dance performance at Ubud. Although the visualization of burning Hanuman is more creative here in Uluwatu.

here is detail info:

Ulu Watu is a small town at the very southwest corner of Bali, atop the high cliffs overlooking the western coast of the Bukit Badung. The town's primary attraction is the Pura ("temple") Luhur Ulu Watu, perched at the very edge of the high cliffs. The Pura is accompanied by a 'monkey forest', a natural reserve of Indonesian macaque monkeys living in the wild among the Hindu monks living on the ground.

As with many of the temples on Bali, the Pura Luhur Ulu Watu occupies the most prized patch of turf, in this case the very edge of a cliff jutted well out to the ocean. The Pura is clearly seen in this photograph -- a Christmas tree-shaped structure at the leftmost point of the cliff.

The view from here is incredible, as you can see. The cliffs are about 50 meters high, I figured, and the water below is a brilliant blue. There is a walkway that follows the cliff's edge (yes, there is a wall!) from just short of the Pura to well beyond where I was standing.

The monkeys are an attraction in of themselves. Macaques are playful, active, and friendly. Although comfortable around humans, they are not 'domestic', in fact they can be quite dangerous if mistreated. Further, they move very fast and are prone to stealing loose objects from unwary visitors. The temple has warning signs posted in six languages outside the entrance that warn visitors to secure all loose items -- eyeglasses, jewelry, etc.

The Pura is shown at right here, and this is the closest to it we were allowed to go. While some temples allow visitors full access, this one does not (presumably because millions of people would try to crowd the advantageous, but tiny, temple ground to get the perfect sunset shot, risking damage).

It is required that visitors wear appropriate clothing when entering a temple ground. 'Appropriate' clothing includes sleeved blouses and long skirts for women, and long pants /collared shirts for men. An option, if you are wearing shorts, is to rent a 'sarong', a cloth that wraps around the abdomen and covers the legs. Some temples (don't recall whether or not that was the case with Ulu Watu) require a sarong even over long pants, and others will require you to buy the sarong, not rent. I also re-iterate the need to heed the warnings about the monkeys... remove and secure all loose items such as jewelry or eyeglasses, and hold handbags securely against the body at all times. The macaques are very quick and sneaky, and you'll never see them coming!

Ulu Watu is a short drive from Kuta Bay, jimbaran and Nusa dua, and traffic is comparatively light. Meanwhile, and will certainly have improved its facilities over the course of the next year. I highly recommend a half-day visit around at 17.00 from hotel direct to Uluwatu and don't forget to see the most popular Ketcak dance show. Just watch out for the monkeys and ketchak show!

Photo Gallery


Strong sun shines at the beginning of the show

Behind the scene: the deer players are praying at a small altar behind the stage.

The preparation for burning Hanuman scene. They take the coconuts skin for burning.

The audience of the show with the background of Uluwatu temple

The start of the show

Kecak ... cak cak ..

Kecak ... cak cak ..

Kecak ... cak cak ..

The Leak (big daemon) 

In my opinion, this is the Shinta

another Shinta

The start of burning Hanuman scene

The actor was really burned :-) This is a small accident. He ran for help :-))  very funny scene.

Keep kicking and flaming

Keep kicking and flaming

A prefect goes down sun at the end of the show

After ward it is not complete your trip if not go to Jimbaran beach to have fresh sea food dinner, you can taste our BBQ food / grilled by coconut shell on open air with natural aroma in difrences type of fish, crab, calamary / squid, sea / fresh water shrimp and much more you can choose and served by potetoes or cooked rice and local vegetables with local natural spices.

Sunset and ketchak dance show at US$ 30/person
sunset with ketchak dance show + sea food dinner US$ 47.40 / person
minimum 2 person on private service tours.

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