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Package to Lombok


Village Farmer house

At four hours of trip by public ship from Padangbai (Bali) or 2 hours by Tourist ship from Benoa (Bali) to the harbour in Lembar (Lombok), and for regular flights that leave from airport Ngurah Rai in Denpasar (Bali) to the airport Seleparang Mataram in Lombok only need 25 minutes. The island of Lombok is a recently undeveloped tourist destination, known by its virgin beaches of crystalline water under the shade of coconut palm. We will discover their traditional village, their handmade crafts, their historical life remains as their well-known the island of Sasak community they are Muslim. But the Balinese also live there from two centuries. There are Hindu Balinese temples, mainly in western of Lombok.

Lombok is separated from Bali by Lombok Strait also called "the Wallace Line". The Wallace Line is the boarder who separates Asia and Australia concerning the flora and fauna, this according the theory of Alfred Russel Wallace who investigated this in the middle of 19th century and also found the proof of it. The surface of Lombok is 4.700 square km and divided into three Region, West Lombok with it's capital city of Mataram, Central Lombok with it's capital city Praya and East Lombok with it's capital city Selong.
Lombok has 2,3 million inhabitants, mainly Sasak people who are the original inhabitants of Lombok so the religion mainly Moslem. On the northern of Lombok mainly is avulcanic area, the highest mountain is mount Rinjani 3.726 meters. West Lombok and South Lombok are having the most beautiful white sandy beaches, many splendid bays and an azure-blue-sea with beautiful and colourful sea-garden. In middle of Lombok one will find the agriculture and the rice-field terraces.
You have two options place to stay and to discover the beauty of the island.

Prahu, the fishing boat



This beautiful white sandy beach can't see in any places in Bali. And here also there is the beach with its palms trees. The luxurious Novotel is the first hotel, it is part of a plan to develop the coast and to transform into the destination similar like the type of Nusa Dua in Bali as a tourist resort, although the place is being far from everything. Here, the backpacker travellers mix with the fishermen arrange the simple bungalows near to the sea. This alone place with the winds blow strong and the sea crawls until the coast big quantities of smelly algas(kind of sea grass for cosmetic materials) . In here has a lot better beach than Senggigi


The beach Senggigi embraces an area from 12 to 18 km to the north of Mataram. They have bays protected for swimming, white sands with magnificent lands with palms trees and rough cliffs. Since a few years ago more hotels have been built in here, now a series of bungalows have appeared for vacations, complex commercial, bars and restaurants.



The three small well-known islands as Gilí Trawangan, Gilí Air, and Gilí Meno, all of them with its magnify beaches, exquisite corals and blinding seas of a turquoise blue, they are located 30 km minutes by ship on the northwest coast of Lombok. Here has no big hotels, numerous travellers go to relax in here, to enjoy the fresh fish and the wonderful settings view to the Gunung Agung (Agung mounts) in Bali, and it has another more beautiful view to the east side on Gunung Rinjani (Rinjani mounts). Here has the best diving point and with Gilí Trawangan island on other side, and this is one of the calmest places in the island.

Special package

Package for 3 (three) nights and 4 (four) daysstay in Lombok.

Name of Hotel
Price of package
Additional Charge/night
Puri Saron
Puri Bunga
Graha Beach
Bintang Segara

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Package for 3 (three) nights and 4 (four) days in Lombok, With the condition of the package:
* The Price in packages is per person (minimum 2 people), single traveler with additional charge 75 % from the price.
* Type of the room is single bed or double bed room or twin bed room.
* Additional charge for Extra night (per room) for two people.
* Daily breakfast included.
* The hour C/O is at 12:00 at noon (half day room use untill at 18:00 additional charge 50 %s from the price of one night)
* Supplement for high season US 10/noche / room (on 01 July until September 30, and 20 December up to 06 January).
*Transfer Hotel - Airport/port - Hotel (in Bali) and in lombok

* Day Tours (8 hours) to visit wonderful places with it variety of Sasak culture.
Visiting Pusuk the top hill; this surrounded by a forest inhabited by monkeys. In here we can stop to make photos with monkey and feed them. Also the beautiful view of Lombok strait from the top is spectacular.
Benang setukel water fall ; A waterfall considered to have healing power amidst cool mountain air and forest surroundings. 52 km from Mataram.
Suranadi : Hindu temple with a spring-water pond and botanical garden nearby.
Mataram: The capital of West Nusa Tenggara Province. It has traditional marketplace of Sweta, mall and etc.
Sengigi : The most famous beach of Lombok in where there are arrange of house to stay, hotels and villas
Malimbu: the little top hill with beautiful beach view to see all three little island Gili Trawangan, GIli Meno and Gili Air, not so long from here there is beautiful beach with black volcanic sand beach
Then return to harbout chat the boat return to gili Trawangan island.
Services end.

It includes: the stops as on the itinerary, food, entrances fees, something to eat for lunch on tour.The trip with the local Guide, speaking English.

The schedule for going and the return depends on the schedule of the past boat or airline, we will give you information when make booking.

the Tours cost US$ 40/person

*** Airplane or ship ticket Bali - Lombok - Bali. US $150.0/person return flight
*** past boat at US$ 120 return ticket per person

    View of Mt. Rinjani


    Paquete 1.
    Two Days, one night trip to Lombok
    Cost US$ 155,
    by land and boat from Bali
    (6 hrs on public boat)
    All in two days and one night

    - Return boat ticket
    - transportation hotel-harbor-hotel in Bali and lombok
    - local guide in Lombok will escort you during your trip in Lombok
    - Entrance fee
    - one night accomodation
    - Breakfast 1 x
    - Lunch 1x


    You will leave from your hotel in Bali by the land to Padangbay harbor than cross by boat in 2 hrs long to seleparang harbor in Lombok. Our local agents will meeting service then directly full day Tours:

    visiting Sukarare; Traditional hand weaving, Banyumulek; Pottery village, Rambitan; Traditional typical house of Lombok, Kuta beach; the most popular white sandy beaches, lunch will be arrange at local restaurant near here, after lunch, tour will be continue to Tanjung A'an bay; beautiful beach with beautiful crystal colour water, a lot palm trees on the beach, just beautiful.

    Than back to Nas bungalow on the nice mountain view and sea view bungalow. the following day after having breakfast you can explorer around Sengigi beach before back to Seleparang harbour for Back going to Bali. in padangbay (Bali Harbor) your transport will bring you back to your hotel in Bali.

    Price only US$ 125 per person, minimum 2 person on same trip. If you want stay longer in Lombok our extra night is another US$ 25 per person, Hotel in Graha Sengigi Beach. or US$ 20 hotel in Nas bungalow.

    Paquete 2.
    1 night & 1 Day trip in Lombok
    Cost US$ 185,
    25 minutes by

    fliht from Bali

    - Return FLIGHT ticket
    - transportation hotel-airport-hotel in Bali and lombok
    - 1 night in Mountain with sea view Bungalow
    - local guide in Lombok will escort you during your trip in Lombok
    - Entrance fee
    - Trip is as on plan above:

    VisionBali overland Tours Pakage availble :

    Trip pakage from Bali To Gili Trawangan

    For more information, don't doubt to contact: Danny Sridana
    English & Spanish speaking

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Prambanan Tample

The Prambanan temple is the biggest and a most beautiful Hindu temple about 20 minutes from Yogyakarta city. This magnificent Shivaite temple derives its name from the village where it is located. Locally known as the Loro Jongrang temple, or the temple of the "Slender Virgin" it is reputed to be the biggest and most beautiful Hindu Temple in Indonesia.

17 kilometers east of Yogyakarta, the temple is believed to have been built by King Balitung Maha Sambu in the middle of the ninth century.>> More info...

Borobudur Tample

Borobudur, or Barabudur, is a ninth-century Mahayana Buddhist monument near Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The monument comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.[1] A main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupa. >> More info...

Sunset Ketchak at Uluwatu Temple

More info Bali Sunset Trip, click here!

This is a good tourism product:
sunset + traditional dance + old temple.

All give an unique blend of performance. In peak season, the performance is everyday, starting from 17.00 pm until 19.00 pm. However, in low tourist session, the performance is only once a week, mostly at every Friday. To get in, you have to enter the Uluwatu temple complex, To see the performance, on our packages Uluwatu sunset tours included Ketcak show and dinner in in Jimbaran (fress sea food)

It's a classic love story of Rama and Shinta.You can find similar dance performance at Ubud. Although the visualization of burning Hanuman is more creative here in Uluwatu. >> More info...

Galungan Ceremony

Galungan Day is celebrated every Budha Kliwon Dungulan. Galungan Day has a meaning "Pawedalan Jagat" or the earth's celebration. On this day the Hindus thank the God for the creation of the earth and its content. On this day the Hindus feel grateful for His blessings. >> More info...


Gili Trawangan-Lombok-Bali
Map by air to Lombok

Bali- Gili past cruice boat
Map By Past Boat cruice to Lombok and Gili Trawangan Island

Gili Trawangan
three litle Gili island with quite white sandy beach

Gili trawangan
Visitors relaxing on white sandy beach in
Gili Trawangan

gili trawangan
Acomodation and relaxing in island Gili Trawangan



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Bali Tourism information
guia espanol
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